Organic Brown Long Grain


  • 100% USDA & EU certified organic
  • High in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Also low GI
  • Non-sticky & nutty texture. Grains burst after cooking which is normal for brown rice.
  • Grown in Punjab, Pakistan
  • Low GI, gluten free, non-gmo, vegan, halal, kosher
  • Premium packing – the convenient 2lbs rice bag has a ziplock to seal in freshness & for easy storage of the product. It is first vacuumed and then flushed with C02 gas for added protection of the product.
Organic Organic brown long grain rice Organic brown Basmati rice Organic White Basmati rice
Organic White Long Grain Rice Organic Brown Long Grain Rice Organic Brown Basmati Rice Organic White Basmati Rice
Brand Meraki Meraki Meraki Meraki
Organic / Conventional Organic Organic Organic Organic
Bag Size 2lbs 2lbs 2lbs 2lbs
Certified Organic
Low GI X X
Gulten Free
Good Source of Fiber X X
Basmati Flavour & Fragrance X X


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