Our Story

Our Story

Meraki Organics started off as the passion project of a close-knit family of 5. We believe that good food is an expression of love, it unites people. One of the fastest and most lasting ways to form a bond with a culture is through it’s unique cuisine and flavors.


On our travels outside Pakistan we realized that our food was not very well represented internationally, especially in mainstream stores. As a result, we took it upon ourselves to introduce the brilliant flavors of our culture to consumers abroad in the form of fusion products that are healthy and free from harmful chemicals and such substances.


Meraki Organics is Pakistan’s first authentic and organic certified brand! It combines authentic flavors from our part of the world and presents them as exciting meal options to consumers abroad.


Meraki Organics is not just another brand on the shelf, but it is an entire experience from across the globe!

Meraki Organics provides an immersive experience of South Asia through organic and healthy ingredients that nourish your body while treating your taste buds to the unique and exquisite flavors of our culture.